Huttser is a gray wolf with a red tinged tail and golden eyes.


Huttser is the first character you hear of from 'The Sight'. Huttser is a strong, powerful Dragga (Alpha Male). He also doesn't belive in fables, like the Sight, though, he sometimes can be thought foolish because of it. Huttser can also be angered quickly, and despises Morgra. But overall, he doesn't mean any harm and is a kind-ment male and is overall a great leader.He is always talking about the laws of the wolves.He is very loving and cares alot for the pack.


The SightEdit

Huttser is the Dragga, or alpha male, of his pack. He is mated with Palla, the Drappa, or the alpha female. They returned to Palla's birth-den to have their offspring. Palla gave birth to four pups originally, but two of them were born dead. Larka and Fell were the two live pups.


Sister: Kipcha

Mate: Palla

Sons: Fell, Kar (adopted)

Daughters: Larka


Ouch - Unknown Unknown - Brassa - Unknown

           \      /    \   /
            Kipcha    Morgra
            Huttser   Skop                       
              \       Palla
               \       /