Brassa is an old she-wolf.


Brassa is the old nurse of Huttsers pack, she is the wisest wolf of the pack. Brassa nurtured Palla and Morga when they were young and also Fell and Larka for a short time. Brassa died of a lump in her stomach formed by guilt and fear 'right before the pack was about to set off on their journey to Tsinga. Brassa was known as the great storyteller and the keeper of secrets. Her death brought much sadness to the pack as she was always a favourite among the pack.~~B.B.W


Brassa is the adviser, keeper of stories, and nurse of the pack she belongs to. She helped to nurse Palla, Skop, and Morgra when they were cubs. She knew of the sight which both fell and Larka possesed


Sister: Tsinga

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